First Year German Egg-Painting Competition

On Thursday all first years took part in an egg-painting competition. The tradition is very popular in German-speaking countries. The winner by popular vote was Mark Tynan, in second place was Raef Donnelly and Harry Madden was third. Well done to all for their creative designs.

Afternoon Hike at the Devil’s Bit

On Tuesday afternoon twenty-five students climbed the Devil’s Bit along with Ms O’Rourke and Ms Hackethal. The looped walk took approximately two hours, at the end of which the boys enjoyed a welcome picnic of French and German foods. The activity was organised to link wellbeing to their French and German courses and they will […]

Sunday Afternoon Adventures

On Sunday afternoon last the junior house boys did an on-campus activity. The activity was an adventure and task driven taking place in one of the woods on the Monastery grounds with permission from the monks. The boys were split into three teams, each team being tasked with building a survival hut using dead material […]