As a Catholic boarding school for boys Cistercian College Roscrea seeks to reflect a distinctive vision of life and a corresponding philosophy of education. The ethos of the school is rooted in the Cistercian tradition of work, study and prayer. As such this Code of Behaviour is designed to enable this vision to be lived in the reality of daily life in the school.


This code makes a positive statement about the kinds of behaviour that the College wishes to promote among its pupils. Clear rules and procedures, consistently and fairly applied, are necessary in order to ensure that the College is a place where all the students will be happy and feel secure. All members of the College community, staff and students alike, have the right to be treated with respect, and to live and work in a clean, calm and safe environment. Likewise the commitment of all members is required to bring this about. The support of the parents/guardians for this Code is crucial. Accordingly, each parent/guardian is required to sign the accompanying Acceptance Sheet.

Aim of the Code of Behaviour

The aim of this code is to provide students with a guide to what is expected of them and to ensure that high standards pervade teaching, learning and the interactions between students and between students and staff.

Objectives of the Code of Behaviour

  1. To support the moral and social development of each pupil in all aspects of school life and that this leads to behaviour appropriate to all situations.
  2. To foster an environment in the College where there is respect for the rights, opinions, needs cultural background and property of others.
  3. To create a safe and secure learning environment throughout the College, resulting in effective teaching and learning in both the classrooms and study halls.
  4. To enable the student to acquire and develop the necessary skills and attitudes for them to play their part as responsible members of society.

Code of Behaviour June 2020