1. Cistercian College Roscrea (CCR) is a Catholic boarding school, administered by a Board of Management, on behalf of its Trustees, the Abbot and Community of Mount Saint Joseph Cistercian Abbey, Roscrea, Co Tipperary.
  2. As a Catholic school, CCR seeks to reflect a distinctive vision of life and a corresponding philosophy of education.
  3. The College’s educational philosophy is marked by tolerance and inclusiveness. It acknowledges and values other traditions. It respects the beliefs of people of other faiths and of those without faith, while remaining true to its own distinctive ethos.
  4. The College seeks always to give effect to its motto ‘Insideat coelis animo sed corpore terris’ ‘let the mind be in heaven while the body dwells upon the earth.’ (Alain of Lille, 12th Century Cistercian Monk of Citeaux Abbey.)
  5. The College programme is influenced by the Benedictine / Cistercian requirement that each day is to be marked by work, study and prayer.
  6. The College aims to provide a full and rounded education for its students, within a framework of spiritual, moral and personal development that is based on Christian and Catholic values. In this, it sees itself in partnership with the parents or guardians of its students as well as with those who comprise its staff.
  7. The College offers an academic curriculum that is as broad as may reasonably be possible and that may be adapted, as necessary, to the changing conditions within society in which students will live and work.
  8. CCR recognises that each student’s capacities are unique and individual. In addition to the academic curriculum, the College emphasises the values of other activities for the full development on the student’s spirituality, personality, social interaction and overall potential. These include a range of sporting activities, debating, music, art etc.
  9. While it aims to bring each student to the full academic potential, it does not emphasise the attainment of high examination marks at the expense of the more general development of the student’s personal qualities and talents.
  10. Enrolment of students by the College is not based on competitive tests of academic ability. Students of varying abilities are accepted. The academically gifted are stretched to the best of their capacities, while particular consideration and attention are afforded to those who may be less able.
  11. CCR’s policies in regard to educational and personal development are distinguished by faith in the transcendent mystery of God as the source of all that exists and as the meaning of human existence.
  12. This faith in God and its expression do not comprise simply a subject to be taught within the curriculum. They are the foundation of all that is done and they represent the horizon of all that takes place in the College.
  13. Prayer, spiritual guidance and religious observance are a central part of life at the College. In all its activities, the College aims to enable participants to hear the word of God and to interpret their lives in the context of the Gospels and of revelation.
  14. Community service, the development of a social conscience, a concern for global issues and the reality of each individual’s mission as a member of the Church are at the heart of the religious programme within the College. That programme aims to give students a vibrant world view that informs all other areas of life and that benefits the whole of society.

The first is the motto of the monastery and College:

‘Insideat coelis animo sed corpore terris’

Life in Cistercian College encompasses everything from the mud of the sports field to the loftiness of the College Chapel and all things in between including all that happens in the classrooms, refectory, study hall and dormitory. This all-encompassing nature of Cistercian College life is symbolised by the Eagle with its feet on the ground and its head raised upwards. Cistercian College is not just about sports, or academics, or study or exams but about a community that lives together and experiences all aspects of life in a boarding school.

‘that the strong may have something to strive for and the weak not be discouraged.’

Cistercian College is not just about excellence, though that is important, but rather each boy is an individual and has different gifts and abilities and Cistercian College is a school which identifies these different gifts and encourages their development.