Stronger family relationships and closer bonding

Contrary to what you might expect, many families find that the quality of their family relationship actually improves when their son goes to Cistercian College. This is because nobody gets under each other’s feet, and because they see each other less often, the time they do spend together is of a higher quality. Parents stop being the one nagging their son to do his homework or telling them what he should and shouldn’t do – that’s up to someone else, so they associate time with their family with more positive things.

Cistercian College provides the ideal solution for career-focused parents who are anxious that their sons are adequately supervised at all times and encouraged to participate in a variety of out-of-school activities.

It’s not just the school run that eats into a parent’s day. Parents are called upon to make their meals, supervise homework and taxi them to and from extra-curricular activities. If both parents work outside the home, there will reach a point when it’s not feasible to do all this. Cistercian College provides the ideal solution for career-focused parents who are anxious that their sons are adequately supervised at all times and encouraged to participate in a variety of out-of-school activities. It allows parents to maintain their career at the same time as ensuring that their son gets the best possible start in life.


Seven day boarding option

Seven day boarding gives students a chance to develop confidence, social skills, independence, self-motivation and avail of extra tuition and study. As seven day boarders boys stay at the school seven days a week with long weekends at home every two to three weeks. Seven day boarding environment encourages a firm sense of community and helps to develop skills and talents for life whilst forming friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.

A major advantage of the Cistercian College seven day boarding experience is the fact that the learning never stops. Students are immersed in an educational environment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even when they’re outside the classroom, they’re still learning important life skills that they mightn’t learn sitting at home in the evenings and at weekends.

This option is suitable and available to all students but particularly suits those coming from abroad and long distances.

Cistercian College is very strict about homework, so parents can be confident that their son is getting it done in a distraction-free environment – in designated time slots together, so students have no choice but to do it.

  • On Saturdays, morning tutorials are scheduled to all seven day boarders which ensures that every student who might need a little extra help is able to receive it.
  • Saturday afternoons tend to have sports training or games
  • A vigorous weekend program is timetabled for educational enjoyment
  • Monastic learning is maintained with Mass every Sunday Morning

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Five day Boarding option

Five day boarders usually live at school from Sunday night to Friday night. Five day boarding appeals especially to pupils who wish to join Cistercian College who live too far away to be day pupils but near enough to go home every weekend. Families often choose five day boarding to enable their sons concentrate better on their studies by reducing the time spent travelling to and from school.

We have listened to Parents. They wanted all of the extra benefits of boarding – the access to the facilities, tutoring, the camaraderie, the time to study and meet those high expectations – but didn’t live too far away and would like to see more of their sons. Five-Day Boarding is the right choice for some families. A five-day residential student’s week begins on Sunday evening and ends on Friday night at the conclusion of study. Then its home for the weekend! This flexible boarding option gives students the time they need to dedicate themselves to their studies and activities, but gives families the flexibility to keep those friendships and family relationships active and strong.

Be it five or seven day, or day boarding students receive the classic boarding school opportunities – full busy days, adults involved in their living and learning, access to facilities and resources as they need them – all wrapped in the chance to develop life-long friendship that come from living and working together.


Day Boarding: The best of both worlds

Day boarding provides the best of both worlds for those fortunate to live within a reasonable distance of Cistercian College. Students arrive for Morning Prayer at 8.30 and return to their families after study which finishes at 8.30 pm. Students are also at home at the weekends to enjoy some time with their friends at home and play sports with their local teams. It adds value to family life as parents are happy in the knowledge that their son is being cared for until 8.30 p.m. enjoying the full benefits of a Boarding School while also enjoying their home life.