“What springs to mind is mutual respect for all, fellow pupils, Teachers and lay staff. Give Respect and get it back

The environment of having to manage your time and organize your day accordingly suits his personality …”


“Cistercian College caters for all individuals with a diverse range of talents and each individual’s talents are nurtured and developed to enable everyone to achieve their potential. More than anything else, this is what makes me proud to be a CCR man.”


“It seems to me, that if there’s one change from beginning to end that really says it all, it’s a 12 year old me asking my parents “Why am I going to this school ?”, to the 18 year old simply saying “Thank you”.


“The school takes the responsibility vested in them by parents very seriously. Parents are constantly kept informed, of both how their own child is getting on and what is going on in the school in general. If there is an issue with a student, either in or outside the classroom, the school will deal with it in a professional and sympathetic manner, involving the parents where it deems appropriate. This sense of responsibility, coupled with absolute impartiality, is vital to the success and personal growth of each student.”


The CCR unique setting promotes education/Fosters Independence/ Life long friendships and community spirit   –  Ann O Keefe

The sense of independence it fosters/ The structured day with time for school, sports and study/The sense of a positive community the school brings to all the boys and their parents.!  – Enda Kilrane

The values and ethos of the Cistercian College – all parties are involved (student, parents & teachers).  Your son will receive an all-encompassing education not just academic it develops their body, mind and spirit with a very good structure in place


The school has done so much for my sons, both academically and in their personal development. Every time I visit them to watch a match or attend a meeting I am so relieved they are at school here. I wish my father knew about it when I was a student. Small class sizes, extremely supportive staff and magnificent camaraderie amongst the students, teachers and parents who are all pulling in the same direction  – Kevin Barry


“Good discipline, Good academic  results, good sport and music facilities”


“The friendships they make last forever./ They become very confident independent young men. /.They become the best they can be through teachers and coaches.”


“Small class sizes  less than 20 students per class  Full Busy schedule  of sports and extra curricular activities evenings and weekends with limited access to  smart phones and devices Friendly staff who all know each child personally and who encourage an ethos of respect and fellowship to all”


“The education at CCR is truly holistic. In addition to a stimulating and motivating academic environment, CCR develops skills in sport and music and the overall personal development of the boys. It provides an opportunity to try new things and actively encourages boys to be involved in all aspects of school life. The array of activities means our son isn’t glued to a phone screen or computer but is busy living an active life and getting the most out of every day.”

“he thrives both physically and mentally. He loves the food and the standard of catering is excellent. He plays sport almost every day so gets exercise and fresh air…”


“Roscrea is a school where you learn from books in a classroom and study for exams in the future but it’s so much more than that. Roscrea is a community, a brotherhood that I just don’t believe can be replicated anywhere else, school or otherwise. It’s a place that not only prepares you for exams, but for life in general. The people you meet, the experiences you have, the craic, the atmosphere, the comradery are simply unparalleled. Being away from home is a catalyst for growth. You become more independent, more confident,more mature. You’re in an environment that promotes growth of both mind and character.

“It has shaped me to be the man I am today, it has given me the best group of lads I could have asked for. I can now look forward to what lies ahead knowing that CCR has given me everything I need to succeed.”


Dear Gerry all the staff of CCR


We felt it important to write to you all to say an enormous thank you for all you did for our son XXXXXX during his time in CCR.  He arrived in 2nd year and from the day that he arrived he was at home in CCR.  He fitted in with all the boys and everyone made him so welcome.

That year was the time when CCR went through a “little hiccup” and I remember how upset he was that there was a possibility that the school would close, I remember him saying in “NO WAY IS CCR CLOSING”.   At a meeting in Birr where some past pupils spoke, I commented that if our son can end up half as grounded and as a well presented young man like the men that spoke, CCR would have done a great job.

Today XXXXXX has received his first choice offer in the CAO and will start in Shannon College of Hotel Management at the end of the month. This would never have happened if it wasn’t for the wonderful education and grounding that he got in CCR.  From the second you enter the door there is a fabulous vibe about the place, boys salute you at the door and stand back to let you enter, the secretaries on duty are just so accommodating at all times, yourself Gerry always has a smile to greet everyone, Seamus is bursting with pride for the college, Catherine does fabulous work with TY and all the teaching staff take such an interest in the pupils it just impossible to say how positive CCR is. Of course the late Gary Halpin RIP was a great asset to the boys and kept them grounded on many occasions, it such a pity that he’s not here to see the results that he helped with but I’m sure he’s all around the place.

So in short, we want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone in CCR for your help in making XXXXXX the man he has become.  I see a totally different XXXXXX and I’m pleased to say that yes, I see him as a grounded and positive young man and I know he will always promote CCR in every way he can as he looks back on the happiest years of his life so far.

Wishing you all the very best for the future