Great music and arts programmes and facilities.

Music, drama and debating have always played important roles in education at Cistercian College Roscrea. Students are actively encouraged to get involved in the arts including a Choir, Traditional Irish Music Sessions, Folk Choir, Musicals, Plays, and the College Orchestra.

The college offers tuition in a total of 10- 12  instruments should a student wish to avail of this outside of class time. Comprehensive music facilities are offered within the College, including teaching and practice rooms, two pipe organs, several pianos and many instruments, as well as a library of instrumental and orchestral music. Students have the time and opportunity to progress their study of a particular instrument or take up a new one.

Students are also encouraged to participate in the College orchestra because there are many transferable skills to be gained from being in an orchestra that you can apply to all walks of life. As a member of Cistercian College orchestra, students are a part of a team working towards a common goal.
Each year the Cistercian College orchestra, traditional group and choirs performs its annual concert Musica Vivit in the Concert Hall in the University of Limerick.

A student must learn how to present him or herself in front of an audience, be it big or small.

Cistercian College has a long established and very strong and proud tradition of producing top quality musicals annually. We use musical theater to have fun, to build confidence, and as a valuable addition to our academic curriculum. The musicals teach music, dance, acting, technical skills, art, front of house and hospitality. There are plenty of roles available for those who are not musically gifted. One of the most obvious benefits of musicals is the development of skills in self-presentation. A student must learn how to present him or herself in front of an audience, be it big or small. Participation in musicals allows them to grow their self-esteem and self-confidence, developing poise and learning to overcome anxieties.

Performing arts help promote interpersonal skills. Some of the previously mentioned benefits can come through participation in sporting activities, but performing arts also promote and develop certain skills and characteristics such as empathy and compassion for others. The creativity involved in performing arts extends to emotional creativity and can open students to new ways of seeing the world. In musicals there’s less of a focus on winning or losing, and more about working together as a team towards a shared performance goal, as well as the student’s individual journey of development.

Cistercian College has a long tradition of drama and performance on stage. Students have the opportunity to perform on stage in the Transition Year play, and on camera in the course of the film making module. TY students are an integral part of the backstage team involved in the annual musical, from lighting to sound and from stage management and set design.