ABBA comes to CCR

Each night over this week the Recreation Hall of CCR came alive as our talented students took on the great challenge of performing iconic ABBA hits. The atmosphere in the hall was electric and the audiences were delighted to be able to return to one of the highlight events in the school year – the Opera.


“Take a chance on me” was a very welcome choice for this year’s College production and the lively numbers performed by our students had the audience dancing in their seats. Huge credit is due to the cast for taking on their individual roles and their singing which included three part harmonies was of the highest quality. Many of the cast were very young but this in no way took from the quality of their singing, acting and dancing.  The audience showed their appreciation with rapturous applause after each well known hit was performed.


Thanks to all who helped to put this production together – in particular thanks to our students, who never fail to promote the College in its brightest light. Thanks of course to the production team of Musical Directors – Mr. William Cullagh and Ms. Niamh Irwin and to the Director and Choreographer Ms. Kirsty Ryan, their tireless work ensured that we were all treated to a much needed night of top class entertainment.