Leadership Opportunities

An outstanding array of student organisations and leadership opportunities.

If leading people is your passion, then Cistercian College is the right choice. Part of the reason our graduates find themselves in leadership roles is because they have opportunities to lead others in our College.

Each year the pupils of Cistercian College elect three House Captains from fifth and sixth years. There is one House Captain and two assistants, the Second and Third House Captains.

A House captain is a focal point for student concerns and facilitate those concerns being passed on to the school authorities in a clear and reasonable manner. He must then be able to listen to the staff and relay their position to the students to keep them up to date. He also requires public-speaking skills, as he may have to address assemblies or events. They are democratically elected, so they need to have a high profile and be a trustworthy person. Leadership is an essential quality for a House Captain. The students must trust him to be both capable and stand for their concerns. The House Captain must also be able to lead a student council and able to take decisive action when required.

Students are given abundant opportunities to learn the skills of leadership during their time in Cistercian College including through the Student Council. Leadership skills help students in several ways and are essential for them to deal with their peers during their academic years and in their practical life as well. A few key advantages of promoting leadership through a student council for students are the development of leadership skills, appreciation of democracy, confidence building and acceptance of self-determination and responsibility.