The College boarding facilities are divided into three distinct boarding houses Junior, Inter and Senior house. Each house is led by a team of two Housemasters. The Housemasters are responsible for the day to day running and management of the boarding houses. While on duty, they ‘live in’ onsite in the boarding house and are on call to provide overnight care. In addition to the Housemasters, two assistant Housemasters work on alternate nights to provide extra assistance across all three boarding houses.

The house team are supported by the Nurse who provides support and advice to students on all health, well-being and medical matters. Dedicated medical facilities are available in the College. For more serious issues access to the local GP and hospital can be arranged where necessary.

All members of the house team are trained to fulfil their roles effectively, including being qualified first aiders and have undergone vetting procedures as defined by the school’s recruitment and selection policy and safer recruitment practices prior to their employment with the school. The Head of Boarding is responsible for all aspects of boarding program and pastoral care within the boarding houses. The Housemasters work in conjunction with the Head of Boarding to provide to a programme of activities for evenings and weekends.

While in residence in the College, students have access to their own social and recreation spaces, dining facility, including a space for boarders to prepare and consume snacks and refreshments and study/ICT facilities. Boarders also have access to music, drama and sporting facilities including; the swimming pool, sports halls, 3G pitches, basketball court, weights rooms etc.