Please see our detailed breakdown of fees below.

Fees Information

€16, 980

€15, 980



*Where joining school only for Senior cycle 5th and 6th.

*(late Joiner)

On request

€1,000 extra for both 5 Day and all Day Students

€1,000  extra for all (8pm) Day Students  (Mon-Fri/8pm-10pm)

– First brother discount: 7.5%  
– Second and other brother discount: 15%  
– Day Boarding Sibling Discount: 5%

Standing Orders

The College facilitates standing order arrangements for parents to pay their fees over the course of the school year with no additional administration or interest charges applied.
Parents must contact their own bank to set up a standing order in favour of the College. The bank will require College Bank details:
IBAN IE27 BOFI 9043 9210 0318 04


Parents should also include their sons name and school number in the narrative when setting up the standing order.

Payment Options

Termly fees are due and payable on the first day of  each term or by 9 monthly standing orders commencing on  August 24th 2022 and concluding on April 24th 2023.

The monthly payment per student, therefore, is as follows:

Day Boarder:€918.33
Weekly 5-day Boarder (Sunday to Friday): €1755.55 7-day
Boarder: €1,886.66