Health & Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our students is a priority for everyone here at Cistercian College and we aim to ensure that each student views the College as a safe place for both themselves and their friends

There’s a whole school approach to wellbeing and pastoral care at Cistercian College and this comes firstly from our Senior Management Team. The web of pastoral support that engulfs our boys to provide wraparound support includes our, Heads of Year, within the Boarding House and the Teaching parts of the college, our Chaplain, subject teachers, house parents, house captains, peers and our support staff means nobody ‘flies under the radar’ and we provide positive interventions.

Cistercian College has pastoral and wellbeing at the heart of our school and we dedicate time and resources to help our boys emotional/wellbeing support as well as providing counselling for our students, where required. Initiatives that support the pastoral programme include our well being classes and retreats as well as having dedicated spaces within the school where our boys can go if they require some quiet time or space. These places are where students can go to take time out and talk about how they are feeling and what they are thinking.

Our wellbeing programme is embedded in everything we do and it is the interactions that our staff and students have with each other and our boys on a daily basis that makes the difference. Crucially our pastoral and wellbeing initiatives are tailored to the students, and offer flexibility according to need and what works.

Pastoral Care & Spirituality

Our dedicated College Chaplain delivers high quality, pastoral support, focused around wellbeing and spirituality. This includes daily interactions with students in addition to workshops, retreats and other initiatives.

As part of life at Cistercian College, our students are invited to deepen their faith through the celebration of key liturgical events during the school year. As a monastic school in the Catholic tradition, it is expected that both parents and students respect the long standing ethos of the College.

Morning prayer is celebrated daily in the College and all students including day boarders are expected to attend. The Sunday celebrating of the Eucharist, whether in the College Chapel or the Abbey Church, remains a spiritual focus for the week.

Emotional Health & Resilience

The emotional health & resilience programme’s primary aim is to support our students in learning about and making positive choices for their health and wellbeing, now and in the future. A key enabler is delivering a supportive culture where boys being comfortable about expressing their feelings is normalised.

We encourage students to reflect on thoughts, values, attitudes and feelings, with the goal of fostering the self-confidence to think and behave independently. Our modules focus on personal development, emotion management, mindset, resilience, meditation and relaxation techniques.

The-state-of-the-art Oratory room, with sensory photo-biology lighting and AV system, plus our Outdoor Classroom in the Walled Garden are exceptional facilities used as part of this important programme.

Medical Care

The students at the College enjoy exceptional medical care when required, with a full-time nurse in residence plus access to a well-equipped and modern infirmary facility. In addition, the College is supported by a local GP practice and is within ready access of several large regional hospitals in case of emergencies.

Checkup form and a stethoscope