International Programmes

At Cistercian College Roscrea we provide an excellent academic pathway for our overseas learners enabling them to achieve a bilingual education which gives them access to tertiary education institutes to learn in either their mother tongue or through the medium of English, their second language.

We tailor our education programmes for the needs of our second language learners and support them with additional lessons and resources to provide them with the best opportunity to excel in their academic endeavours.

We have a proven track record of success with overseas students achieving excellent academic results in the Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle examinations. We provide a home away from home for our international students, giving them a holistic education that mirrors that of our indigenous Irish students, whilst ensuring we provide excellent pastoral care for them throughout their time with us.

Pastoral Care for International Students
The international students who enrol at Cistercian College are supported by the Director of Admissions and the International Student Coordinator position. They work to ensure our international students are well supported, both academically and pastorally whilst attending the College. All staff play an integral supporting role to the international students with key existing leadership positions of Heads of Year (House and Academic), Deputy Principal, Principal, Chaplain, Head of Boarding being critical in supporting the boys in their daily lives. This wraparound pastoral support is explained below and is the same for all students within CCR. The International coordinator is an extra level of support for our overseas students, working with all of the staff collegially to ensure she is aware of their academic and pastoral needs. This responsibility must be shared across all staff members as it is with all students enrolled at the college.
Transition Year for International Students
The International students are fully integrated into the TY programme in all areas. They have a full academic programme and they have extra EAL periods in the timetable to assist their English language acquisition. EAL resources have been allocated to all students across all year groups for those who require additional English support. The International coordinator takes these EAL lessons and assesses the student’s English language provision at the start of the year to gain valuable information which informs the next steps for teaching and learning. This information is shared with the classroom teachers of these students, helping them to differentiate for these students in their classes. The International student coordinator works collaboratively with the teachers and ensures that the teachers provide differentiated homework for EAL students which is accessible for them during their study time in the evening. International students are integrated into their own year group supervised study ensuring they are not treated differently to their peers, however, making sure the educational content given to them is appropriate to their level of english language proficiency.