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International Christmas Celebrations

  We had our annual Christmas celebration for international students on Thursday evening. The first of our international students will leave for Christmas at the end of this week. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our international students on a great couple of months, the boys […]

The Walled Garden TY Project

This year the College sought permission from the Monastery to restore the Walled Garden to its former glory as a TY project. Over many years the walled garden had gone wild and become overgrown. The project is a collaborative one which is fully supported by the Monks under the supervision […]

1st Year Workshop

  Today we held a mentoring workshop for our 1st year students. The purpose of the workshop was to equip students with the necessary tools to cope with real life situations. While it is important to reflect back it is equally important to be resilient in the present moment and […]

Meditation for Students

  Our Wellbeing classes are enjoying the Meditation exercises that their teacher Ms. Brislane has facilitated in the Oratory. The feedback from the students after these sessions has been very positive and hopefully they will incorporate this practice into their lives – especially when they leave CCR.  

First Friday Mass

The First Friday Mass for the month of November was celebrated by Fr. Malachy. The theme centred on the Saints of Ireland and the congregation was reminded that any person can be a Saint if they live their live in a caring and compassionate manner. The theme of the Mass […]

Sixth Year Retreat

We would just like to acknowledge the wonderful work our sixth-year students did today at their Retreat. It was an absolute pleasure working with the boys. We loved their energy and enthusiasm and what a wonderful way to start our mid-term. We started today at 12pm, we had a prayer […]

Chinese Celebrations

    On Thursday Oct 1st we celebrated Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival combined with the National Day of China. Normally, these would be two separate days but this year Chinese people celebrated both days together due to the lunar calendar. A lunar calendar is a calendar based on the monthly cycles […]

First Friday Mass

  The First Friday Mass for October was celebrated in the College today by Fr. Aodhán.  The students from 3rd Year, 6th Year and from the Class 116 were all in attendance.  COVID restrictions prohibit us from allowing the full student body to attend Mass in the College Chapel. Last month […]