Certified Irish Angus School Competition

A huge well done to the students who represented the College in the final of the Certified Irish Angus school competition, which was held in Croke Park on Wednesday the 4th of March. The team members included Lorcan Mullen, Joseph Coffey, Patrick Sheeran, Jonathon Flynn and Simon O’Keefe. The students did the school proud with their excellent presentation and their interaction with the judges and other guests at the competition. Their preparation for this competition was non stop for the last few weeks which really showed in their display, performance and their team work on the day. The selection of the five winning teams will be released in two weeks. The winners of the competition will get the opportunity to bring home the Angus Calves. Thank you to Dermot from Buttonbox Exhibition and Display Ltd for supplying the posters and the booklets. Also thank you very much to all the parents who helped out in the whole process. It was a really enjoyable day and we are all hoping for a positive result. Thanks also to Ms. Denny who but a huge effort into preparing the boys for this competition.