Christmas Celebrations for International Students


Our international students wanted to create something special and to celebrate Christmas

together before they depart for home next week.

They decorated their classroom, put up the tree and organised the Kris Kindle draw.

They set a price limit on gifts and they used their time wisely when in the Dundrum Shopping Centre last week to buy their presents. They wrote cards to accompany their presents which will be a nice keepsake.

On the evening of Thursday December 12th they exchanged presents and watched ‘Home Alone’ together. They were very thoughtful with their present selection – our Chinese boys received their favourite foods from China as part of their gift.

It was a very special night and reflected the bond that has grown between these boys over the last four months. They are a pleasure to work with and as EAL co-ordinator I wish them all a very safe trip home and a very Happy Christmas.