COVID Inspection

Yesterday a Department Inspector visited the College to conduct a full COVID inspection. This included looking at all the systems and resources that we had put in place since the start of the year. It involved checking our PPE store, our isolation area, observing that protocols were being adhered to by both staff and students. It also involved a check of the detailed paperwork related to our COVID plan. We will receive our official report later. However, the Inspector gave verbal feedback to both our Lead Worker Representative, Ms. Brislane and to myself. In all areas her response was “Excellent”. She said that she had yet to visit a school that had developed a better “COVID response.”
I have no doubt that the work of staff and students combined with the collaborative support of our parents is what has contributed to keeping our College COVID free. We are very proud that we have achieved this.  Well done to all and again a huge thank you to all.
Gerard Grealish