First Friday Mass


The First Friday Mass for October was celebrated in the College today by Fr. Aodhán.  The students from 3rd Year, 6th Year and from the Class 116 were all in attendance.  COVID restrictions prohibit us from allowing the full student body to attend Mass in the College Chapel.

Last month the students from both 1st and 5th year attended the First Friday Mass and next month the students from 2nd Yr and TY will attend.

Today is the Feast day of the Guardian Angels and the theme of the Mass centered around this and also focused on the value of humility.  Fr. Aodhán spoke to the students during his homily about a new project that Mr. Halpin and he are working on. They will gather old bicycles and fix them. These bicycles will then be given to students in Africa that have to walk to school.  It is the hope that students in the College may gather their old bicycles that they no longer use, bring them to the College and that they will assist both Mr. Halpin and Fr. Aodhán with this new project.   Please see attached photo of the celebrant Fr. Aodhán, Principal Mr. Grealish and our students Frank Hyland (assisted with preparations), Jamie Corboy (read the First Reading), Harry Duffy, Tom McKeon, Sean Walsh and Mark Tynan who all read the Prayers of the Faithful.  A huge thank you to all the students and staff for participating in this morning’s celebration and also thank you to the monastic community, especially Fr. Aodhán for his heartfelt words that penetrated the hearts of all present today.