First Friday Mass and First Year visit to the Monastery


Dom Malachy celebrated the December First Friday Mass last Friday in Cistercian College Roscrea.
The First Years were involved in the Mass preparation and in the delivery of both the prayers and readings throughout the Mass.

The Mass was celebrated on the feast of St. Nicholas; 6th December which also coincides with the advent period.  The theme that the First Years adopted for the Mass was ‘Awaken your Faith, Believe and Receive.”

Well Done to all the First Years.

Also, last Tuesday; Fr. Aodhán and Mr. Smyth organised a visit to the Monastery for some of the First Years.  It is hoped that all years will get the opportunity over the coming weeks and months to visit the Abbey.  The First Years will now complete a project on their visit having listened attentively to Fr. Aodhán and Mr. Smyth.  Many thanks to the Cistercian Community for accommodating us with this visit and to Mr. Smyth for coordinating the event with Fr. Aodhán.