Leaving Cert results 2021

This morning our Leaving Cert class of 2021 received their LC results. On behalf of all of the staff of the College I want to congratulate the students of this class and to wish them every success and happiness in their future careers.
We prayed for this class during the prayers of intercession at our First Friday Mass today. This class group had a very unsettled final two years. They experienced two mandatory school closures which resulted in online learning at home away from their friends and the pastoral support available in the College. They were in the latter half of their final year when they experienced the great loss of their mentor and our colleague Mr. Gary Halpin RIP.  So it has been a very tough time for them and we are proud of the resilience that they showed during that time.
CAO offers will be published on Sept 7th from 2pm; until then we have advised all of the students to remain calm and to celebrate safely. Our Chaplain has contacted the class group and is available to them and our Careers teacher will also be able to further advise students when they receive their first round offers.
Gerard Grealish
College Principal