Opening and Blessing of the Prayer Path

At last we got to open and Bless the Prayer Path.

We were blessed with a day from heaven; bright and warm September sunshine together with the spectacular woodland scenery of the Abbey grounds. This set the scene for a most memorable occasion. Classical music was provided by John Tyrell, Simon O’Keeffe and David Mulrooney together with John’s sisters Hannah and Meabh, wafted high into the autumnal beech branches. Mr Seamus Hennessy was the M.C. and as always charmed the audience with his own unique style and panache. He described the setting as reminding him of a scene from the Maureen O’Hara film “Spencers Mountain”. And indeed it was a special place to be, almost mystical but definitely spiritual.





Fr. Malachy blessed the path and cut the ribbon; he congratulated the TY students of 2020 and Fr. Aodhán and Mr Smyth for this great achievement in getting it over the line despite the setback pf COVID 19.

Fr. Aodhán spoke of the many people who walk the path daily and commented on the amount of prayer requests left in the vault each week. Perhaps the path is a way of reaching out to people and their needs at this time. Fr Aodhán offers all their prayers during his Masses.

Mr. Smyth thanked all the people involved in any aspect of the path. He especially thanked the TY boys of 2020 and assured them that this is and always will be their path, their project for 2020. And even though not planned for COVID 19 it couldn’t have come at a better moment in time. He told the boys that they have “touched  many lives spiritually” and that this is a blessing in itself. He urged the boys to keep Jesus and Mary central in their hearts and “you won’t go far wrong in life”.

He told Fr. Malachy “this path is a gift from the College to you and the Community; a gift of thanks.

Finally he thanked all the sponsors who contributed to the project and assured them that without them it would not have been possible to achieve this great project.

John Browne gave glowing compliments to all involved and then went on to recite a beautiful poem that he penned to mark the occasion.

Sean Treacy TY 2020 gave an excellent nonchalant speech; and warmly complimented all involved especially Mr Smyth and Fr Aodhán even going so far as suggesting that Fr. Aodhán did twice as much work as everyone else. Sean, all political parties will be looking for you!

Ms Smyth and Mr Grealish added their thanks to the TY boys of 2020 and again to Mr Smyth and Fr. Aodhán.

Afterwards, tea, coffee and cakes were served on the lawn at the front of the guesthouse, thanks to Dymphna, Damien and Pat for this wonderful hospitality and Fr. Aodhán for arranging this. 

A great day, a great project, may the Prayer Path keep touching lives spiritually for many years to come.