The Cistercian Rugby Support Group is a collection of volunteers who provide focused fundraising and support to  the CCR Rugby Program. All the committee are volunteers , with all funds directed toward student and player improvements.

The major fundraiser is an annual raffle that takes place approaching Christmas annually and we hope to add to this with our new DD Monthly Draw .

Some examples are below of the support that has been provided.

  • Hudl video analysis software for matches
  • Additional Rugby and Strength and Conditioning Coaches  for all year groups
  • Personalized kit for teams and coaches,
  • Hire of 4G pitches for camps including UL Sports Facilities.
  • Post Match meals and bus hire.
  • School Rugby Trips and Tours.
  • Upgrading of the  School Gym including floor matting.
  • Various gym and training  equipment  such  as mats, tackle bags , tackle suits etc
  • Coach radios for improved communication on match days
  • Reseeding and sanding of 1st Pitch and annual maintenance including fertilising and weeding
  • Player Support and Development
  • Annual CCR Rugby Blitz

Our group has strived to help in any way we can to improve CCR Rugby and with your help and support  we can continue to grow and develop this program.

Yours etc

Chairperson: Willie Burns

Treasurer: Eoin Fleetwood

Mark Sheeran

Paul Keane

Ronnie Culliton

Kevin Barry