Royal Irish Academy Awards

Bill and Tadhg Harrington (Enniscorthy) received High Achievement Awards from the Royal Irish Academy in Music.
Bill in flute Grade 8 and Tadhg in Oboe Grade 3. This is a phenomenal success for the College’s Music department as to put it into context over 12,000 students sat these academy exams during the last academic year and only 50 received awards.

The awards were presented at a ceremony held in Limerick on Sunday 15th November. Tadhg was unable to attend the ceremony as he was taking part in the dress rehearsal for this year’s College Opera “Hairspray” in which he played the part of Prudy.

Both brothers had a busy week during the week of the College Opera as Bill was also a member of the orchestra. Tadhg has also achieved much success in piano and plays it to Grade V.
Each awardee was presented with a medal from the RIAM at the ceremony but the brothers Tadhg and Bill were later united for a photograph taken in our College.

The RIAM Music examinations were held during last year’s academic year and Conal Hanamy who was then a Leaving Cert student also received an award in Senior Certificate Theatre. Conal is now a first year student in UCC studying Digital Humanities.

Image 5 Conal Hanamy

Pictured is Conal Hanamy performing at a recent production of West Side Story