Transition Year Graduation

Last night Fr Aodhan celebrated a Graduation Mass in the Monastery Church for the TY class 2021. The Mass was attended by the TY students, their parents and staff members. Afterwards there were refreshments served in the Guesthouse and before the parents and boys left to make their journey home Mr. Smyth brought them on a tour of the Walled Garden.

The renovation of the Walled Garden was a project undertaken by the TY class this year. The boys worked very hard on this project under the guidance of Mr. Smyth and Fr. Aodhan.  A huge thank you to all the parents and friends of CCR for their very generous donations which helped to fund the project work. The parents presented Mr. Smyth and Fr. Aodhan with hampers in appreciation of their work.

Of course the full TY programme is driven by its experienced co-ordinator Mrs. Smyth. She works tirelessly with the students and parents each year to ensure that they get the very best out of the TY experience. A huge thank you to her for her work and the TY parents presented her with flowers in appreciation of her great commitment to their boys.