TY Prayer Path

In December the TY students engaged in a  project to develop a prayer path on the Abbey grounds under the guidance of Mr Smyth and Fr. Aodhán. The boys spent some Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings in January and February working tirelessly learning an array of new skills. The boys involvement came to an abrupt end in March when the school closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The path has since opened to the public and serves as a sacred space for the many visitors to the Abbey. This path will always be associated with the TY class of 2019-2020.

The pictures above show the area before the project started.

The TY students busy at work.

The path was to have been officially opened on May 1st but our current situation made this like so many other events impossible, but for the boys and your families be assured we will do it as soon as possible. This Project was to be but more importantly still is a gift of Gratitude from the T.Y. / College to the Cistercian Community. Special thanks to Fr Aodhán for giving us ‘the green light’ on this project.

To Dom Malachy and the Community; this is our gift back to you; a gift of Gratitude.

Our sincere Gratitude to all our sponsors and to those who made financial contributions.

Thanks also to the College and Farm maintenance staff and the staff at the Guesthouse for their help.

Quotes from Fr Aodhán regarding this project

“This kind of outdoor project must be seen as a complement to a purely academic year.”

“I am proud to have been a hands-on partner with the students in this project and look forward to some exciting projects with TY in  2021 and 2022.”

Quote from Mr Smyth

“Boys the path speaks for itself and its gives Joy and Peace to many at this difficult time in our lives and I believe it will continue to do so. This is your Project, your work; be proud of yourselves. The fruits of your efforts are loved by many.”

Thanks to the TY students of 2019-2020 and a  special thanks to Mr Smyth and Fr Aodhán without whom this project would not have happened.