We Will Rock You

The halls of Cistercian College were filled with the music of Queen during last week’s Opera, “We will Rock You.” Cast and crew enjoyed a very successful run and the performance was very well received each night by the audience. Led by the musical direction of Mr. William Cullagh and partnered by fellow director Ms. Stephanie Browne, the tradition of music in the halls of Cistercian College continued.

Audience members enjoyed the story of Galileo Figaro (Lorcan McDonnell) and his journey to save rock and roll. Joined by the Bohemians and Scaramouche (Oscar Gilligan), there were several moments of tension and humour enjoyed by all. The music of Queen helped to tell the story of ‘the Dreamer’ and his quest. So as ‘Killer Queen‘ (Jack Gilligan) tried her best to stop the Bohemians, they never appeared ‘Under Presssure‘. Khashoggi (Shane Killilea-Curran) did his best to send them to the ‘Seven Seas of Rhye‘ but they rushed ‘Headlong‘ to complete their quest to save rock ‘n’ roll. The duo of Brit (Hugh Mulryan) and Meat (David Mulrooney) treated us to a rendition of ‘I Want It All’ and ‘No-One But You’.

Congratulations to the cast of students, the production team and the staff who collectively produced a stellar performance which we will remember for many years to come.